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She is becoming increasingly abusive and was only supposed to be temporary. The carpet pad has been removed and the bedroom carpet needs to be replaced. She kicked me out of her house no notice the same day and I had no place to go. This problem has not been established or studied by the Commission.

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Would the courts consider giving me tempory guardianship or help with the custody. The judge said my husband could take his in Las Vegas cause he lives there. She has a couple who live in the park that she refers maintenance problems to. Would there be any action that can be taken to evict my father from the house? This problem is strange.

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If there are obvious issues, be proactive and discuss them with the trustee. An entire page of the California tax return is needed to list these contributions. Can a parent take aa child out state with out permission from other parent? Trustee inaccuracies in the schedules discovered during the audit.

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That year has past already and since then I have made great progress in life. Modest Means and that they help low income families with family law situations. BCBS now his father has gone an gotten AHCCCS where can I report him for fraud? Maricopa and custody was in Maricopa County. What papers are needed?